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CyberKongs — The New Competitors Of Cryptopunks? — October, 10

Sales in the Art category have witnessed a threefold decrease in sales compared to the previous week, while the decline has been less noticeable in the Collectibles category (less than 10% percent compared to the previous week).

In the top of the Collectibles category is yet another cryptopunk that was sold for 380 ETH ($1,352,268 at the time).

1. CryptoPunk #9848, source
The CyberKongs project is of especial note this time. The project brandishes the image of a King Kong as its mascot that has been stylized into a pixelated amalgamation of the Cryptopunks series. The project has gained popularity in October and is now one of the most popular and expensive collections in the category.
2. An example of one of the most expensive works sold so far by the CyberKongs project (CyberKong #829), source

In the top of the Art category is the work of Beeple, the most expensive NFT artist at the moment. The token was sold for 715.5 ETH ($2,584,579.19 at that time) on October 6th.

3. Beeple, TIME The Future of Business (Beeple Edition)source

The OpenSea market is up again. Market volumes have exceeded over $100 million a day for the course of almost the entire week. On October 4th and 5th, they managed to reach $138.97 million and $139.23 million, respectively, according to DappRadar. Given the fact that the digital art and collectible markets have declined in volume, it is logical to assume that OpenSea has grown largely at the expense of other categories that are currently on the rise. For example, the game industry and the metaverses are among the leaders.

4. OpenSea Weekly Market Volumesource

When summing up this week, it is important to note the CyberKongs collection, which may become a serious competitor to cryptopunks in the near future. We will keep track of new drops and sales dynamics.

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