Seeing nature
with technology
Date: October 21 -- November 21
Time: Sat - Wed 10.00 - 01.00, Thu - Fri 10.00 - 01.00
Location: DA BY CRABCHIC, Dubai, UAE, Al Wasl Plaza, Parcel A 10 (Rooftop)
In a collective imagination nature and technology are often seem to be two separate realms that are supposed to contradict each other rather than collaborate. A technical object is perceived as something artificial that is in a break with the natural order. Despite this common assumption, technology and nature have countless correlations. Even the idea of the internet would not have been possible, if it wasn’t for how spider webs are connected.

Most of our modern technologies were defined and inspired by already existing natural shapes and processes. Just like scientists and engineers, artists always saw nature as a source of inspiration. The exhibition “Seeing nature with technology” at DA BY CRABCHIC aims to create a utopian place where art, nature and new technology align.

Every artwork will be available for sale on Picipo – a new curated platform that goes beyond the online market and crypto society, solving the native problems of the fiat market.

Clouds and whales express the desired serenity and freedom of both author’s inner world, in the form of a dream and fantasy, and the formation of an intangible, completely incomprehensible perception
of the surrounding reality.
All whales go to Heaven
Marcelo is an enthusiastic underwater photographer and filmmaker who has recorded over 4,000 dives around the world with his camera. By showing the magnificent hidden world of the ocean, he reveals the incredible beauty of biodiversity that manifests itsel in fantastic shapes and colors and makes us realize the importance of a considerate and gentle relationship with nature.

The mission of the Synticate art group is to help humanity step into the future by developing and promoting the concept of “Ecofuturism”- a future where technologies are harmoniously integrated into an eco-friendly world. Cybercorals are a digital form of life,
as close as possible to real corals, only complemented
by biological flexibility. This is an experiment to endow corals with the ability to bring a visual layer to their surface and emit music.
Adrian Alva is a Mexican born and Mexico City based 3d artist and art director. The artist's interest ranges from profound explorations
in nature with futuristic interpretations, to serene architectural landscapes. His work "The Cloud Swing" is a homage to the alluring meteorological phenomenon.
The Cloud Swing
Andy Wauman is a romantic poet who expresses himself through motion graphic and visual art.
The work “Occult Spells” addresses the existential questions arising through the technological singularity as a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

Occult Spells
The work is a mix between physical and digital world which allows author to explore different interactive installations and create audiovisual experiences. Physics and mathematics play a significant role in the concept of the work. "Drop" is a simulation of physical and mathematical theories and equations using visual art and code.
Midhun Santh is a 3D Landscape Artist and Cinematographer. The story of his work “The Fallen Warrior” revolves around the Mongol invasion of Japan. The series of artworks are devoted to brotherhood, bravery and strong commitment to beliefs. The samurai tributes to the death of his brother samurai who have laid down in the battle.
The fallen warrior
Paweł Grzelak is a nature inspired digital artist. He is Interested
in procedural approach to organic growth systems and is fascinated with forest litter habitating organisms, sometimes shifting focus on simple geometric shapes. 'Mushrooms' is a short 3d animation dedicated to my favorite small organisms. Created with a procedural system for modeling, animating and growth simulating.
Ada Sokol has developed a unique visual language
that is sensual, photorealistic, and delicate. The primary meanings of the moth are faith and determination.
They are adamantly and conscientiously following lunar
or artificial light, even at the risk of jeopardizing their lives. On the other hand, the moth is also a symbol
of vulnerability and fragility, both in body and mind. While they show us the importance of vigilance and determination, their existence also morally cautions us against the self-destructive tendencies of blind faith.
Mohsen Moradi (born in Isfahan, Iran) is a creative director and a visual 3d artist. The artist is interested in many areas of visual effects and also regularly experiments with new tools and techniques. He often places ordinary objects in a surreal context making the viewer question the familiar way of looking at things. In his work “Reaction” flowers' response to music is performed automatically by an audio file,
by changing the audio file, flower's reaction also changes. This interconnection opens a unique type of relationships between both natural and digital realms.
Onur Edurak is a true 3D dreamer whose main artistic approach is to make a viewer feel as a participant
of a scene. His work “The Peaceful Fisherman” celebrates nature, solitude and authenticity.
The Peaceful Fisherman
Raimondo Della Calce is a director, animator, motion graphics designer for commercials, videoclips, events and interactive projects. Growing Ivy is an experiment that aims to use the digital medium to capture the visually charming and harmonious movement of nature.
Growing Ivy
Michael Danilov is a digital artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, who combines real landscapes and fantasy elements in his works. “Astronature” speculates
on the imaginary trip not to space but rather out of it expressing the desire to feel earth again. Nowadays we often get fascinated by space flights, but the work of the artist expresses the tiredness of this big dream by placing this heroic figure in a meditative state of being in nature.

One of the main artistic approaches of IRO PICTURES is to bring ideas that seem impossible to life
by combining different layers of reality. In their work “Ciervos” nature and everyday life intersect and create both hyperreal and surreal images.
A colorful place
Sofia Crespo is an artist working with a huge interest in biology-inspired technologies. One of her main focuses is the way organic life uses artificial mechanisms to simulate itself and evolve. While creating her work “A Colourful Place” the artist was thinking about how most of the ocean could
be considered a desert, sparsely populated, low
on sustenance. Yet, even in the most desolate stretches we can find pockets of life and biodiversity. In the neural ocean, we find the same: small bubbles, rich in lifeforms and motion.
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